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    A creative Deity – Ekev

    Last week’s reading introduces us to the Shema, the great declaration of faith that says, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the one (= unique) Lord”.

    This week we encounter another Shema Yisra’el in D’varim 9:1. This Shema Yisra’el is another great pronouncement.

    We learn from last week’s Shema that God exists. This week we learn that He both exists and acts, that He is not a silent deity who slumbers in the background. He creates and does.

    The two elements – existence and activity – are behind the distinctive four-letter name which Jews never pronounce because of its sanctity.

    The name comes from the root hayah, to be. It is a combination of the simple (kal) and causative (hiphil) forms of the verb.

    It tells us that in worshipping God we should try to emulate Him by means of actions that enhance the quality of the universe.

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