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    We all matter – Naso

    In making the Tabernacle ready for use, each tribal prince had to bring his own offering (Num. 7:2). There were twelve tribes, twelve princes, twelve offerings.

    The rabbis derived many lessons from this Biblical verse. Maybe the overall lesson to be learned is that every tribe had its own identity and its own contribution to the total project.

    No-one could say that any one tribe or group of tribes mattered more than any other. They all had their role and their own importance.

    The same can be said of the many groups that make up the spectrum of today’s Jewish people. Ashkenazim are no more precious to God than Sephardim or vice-versa. Chassidim are no more important than non-chassidim.

    There is no reason to denigrate those who uphold different practices than our own group. Every tribe is valuable; every group has its own worth.

    So long as they all make an honest attempt to live by the Divine law, God rejoices in them all.

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