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    Changing over & changing back

    Just over a week ago we changed over from year-round to Pesach food and utensils, and now it’s almost time to change back.

    The question is whether things will revert to exactly what they were before Pesach.

    On one level the answer is probably no. People sometimes mislay something in all the domestic upheaval. Sometimes you keep out a Pesach utensil for use during the year.

    On a deeper level the question is psychological.

    Has our thinking, our whole being, reverted to what it was?

    Let’s hope the answer is no. Pesach should have changed what we are and how we think of things and people.

    The person I will be next week will hopefully be more tolerant, able to live with the wicked as well as the wise one, hoping that the son who once was unable to ask questions is now well on the way to being a fully involved member of the family and the Jewish people.

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