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    The red-letter date – Shavu’ot

    As a child Moses found that Shavu’ot was already a red-letter date in his life. Not just because the Torah was due to be given to him that day, even though that is so highly important.

    But some of the sages link Shavu’ot with the birth of the baby who was going to become Israel’s leader and teacher.

    Born on 7 Adar, he was hidden for three months, coming out of concealment on 7 Sivan, i.e. Shavu’ot.

    What protected him during these months? God’s gift of Nature! As a baby his ark was hidden amongst the bulrushes, like a tree that protects a person with its shade, nature gave Baby Moses safety.

    When Shavu’ot came into being the date already had significance in Moses’ life.

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