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    Israel at 70

    The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel is celebrated this week.

    Israel is one of the great achievements of modern history.

    But of course the backers of BDS don’t agree. They can’t be too proud of themselves because they haven’t achieved a thing apart from slogans and stereotypes.

    And they have to accept (and enjoy!) Israeli inventions and initiatives. How they must grit their teeth!

    Do they use cell phones and computer technology? – mostly Israeli developments.

    Do they rely on medical and scientific advances including desalinisation techniques? – mostly worked out in Israel.

    Do they live in and enjoy the modern world? So much that they take for granted comes from Israel.

    Can their nations compete with Israel in numbers of university graduates, in start-ups, literacy, books, museums, and self-reliance? Israel is small in size but a giant in achievement.

    Do they pay even lip service to the Bible and Biblical ethics? Both are products of Israel…

    They blame Israel for the world’s problems when they should be praising it for enriching humanity.

    They think they’re clever in cooking up such a clever set of initials as BDS, when the three letters really stand for “Back to the Jungle”, “Destroy Civilisation”, and “Smother your Brains”!

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