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    We’re all there – Nitzavim

    The beginning of Nitzavim notes that we’re all there in God’s presence.

    Who is the “we” – an array of individuals, or a solid society?

    The Hebrew doesn’t allow us to decide, since “You’re all standing”, can mean either all the individuals or all the community.

    We talk of a covenant relationship with God, it is two covenants.

    God has a relationship with every individual. Each of us has a personal duty towards God.

    There is also a covenant between God and the whole people of Israel.

    There are things which the community must do as a community. I have to give charity but so does the community. I have to pray but so does the community. I have to love God but so does the community.

    There is a corporate existence which is a corrective to the selfishness of the individual who is understandably concerned with personal goals and needs.

    On the other hand the singularity of the individual is a corrective to the community. There can be times when the community tries to override the preciousness of every individual soul.

    The individual covenant says “I”; the communal covenant says “We”.

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