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    Feasting & fasting – Yom Kippur

    The most evident part of Yom Kippur is the fasting for 25 hours.

    It’s not an easy experience as we all know. But the prophet Isaiah asks (Isa. 58:3-10) the devastating question of why we fast if God doesn’t seem to take any notice.

    God’s answer is devastating. Put into modern garb, His words are as follows:

    “That’s precisely the point. You fast and show me how proud you are that you can go without food and drink for My sake. But what I want from you is not fasting alone but compassion for other people.

    “You make yourselves suffer, but what about the people who suffer all year? Where is your concern for the suffering, your support, your assistance?

    “What do you do about feeding the people who are constantly hungry and thirsty? What do you do about finding homes for the homeless, friendship for the lonely, company for the alienated?

    “I want you to fast, definitely; but when you feast, I want you to share your celebration with other people.

    “Fast for Me, certainly; but feast for Me too.”

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