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    The dawn of humanity – Korach

    Korach is the proverbial nasty man.

    Yet even nasty men sometimes say something that is valid, even though they use and twist it for their own purposes.

    In Korach’s case, there is the statement, “For all the congregation are holy, every one of them” (Num. 16:1-3).

    Stripping the words of their Korach-context, they say something that is actually a great thought: that everyone has a spark of holiness.

    It doesn’t matter what a person’s material situation is, nor whether they are great and famous, but everyone is precious in the eyes of God and everyone warrants respect from other people.

    One of the things the sages said was that one can tell it is dawn when there is enough light to recognise the face of a fellow human being.

    In an extended sense this means that the dawn of real humanity is shown by our ability to see the other person as a brother or sister made in the image of God the Creator.

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