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    Trust in a marriage – Naso

    This week’s Torah portion presents us with the law of the Sotah, the married woman who is suspected of misconduct with another man.

    An indispensable element in any marriage is that people who have undertaken a commitment to each other must have mutual trust.

    This applies not only between husband and wife but also between human beings and God.

    In the Ten Commandments, God warns us against breaking His trust: “You shall have no other gods before Me”. Getting up to mischief can’t be kept from God, in the same way as breaking marital trust is bound to come out sooner or later.

    In our relationship with God, we can’t say, “But God, You weren’t meant to notice!” God tells us that nothing can be hidden from Him.

    In an earthly marriage, a partner who is unfaithful can’t keep it a secret forever. Undertaking a responsibility is a very serious step, and as long as the marriage lasts it must be honoured.

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