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    My son the doctor – M’tzora

    Doctors were always highly regarded in Judaism, and parents were so proud if their child became a doctor or married one.

    Was it that they thought doctors brought in a good living, not that the doctor always receives an adequate reward for his or her years of training and expertise? Was it that the doctor was considered a miracle worker, able to restore a sick person to health, not that the doctor always succeeds in finding a cure?

    One would hope that a few parents also remembered that in this week’s Torah portion the healing arts are associated with the priesthood, implying that the doctor is somehow doing God’s work.

    In a sense the doctor is a kohen who ministers in the sanctuary. The kohen brings man and God closer together; good doctors bring their patients closer to God.

    When they achieve a cure, doctor and patient should both offer thanks to the Divine Healer.

    During the struggle to find a cure, both need to ask God to be with them. If, God forbid, no cure eventuates, they should implore Him to have them in His keeping.

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