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    No advice for Pharaoh – Bo

    PharaohPharaoh was livid when the Israelites escaped from Egypt. He was determined to recapture them and enslave them again.

    Like every ruler, he had his minders and advisers. Surely these advisers knew what little hope Pharaoh had of bringing the Hebrews back from the Red Sea. So why did they not speak out and object to his plan?

    The fact is that Pharaoh was like many leaders who make fools of themselves. If their staff keep silent, it may be that they fear losing their jobs if they acknowledge the real truth of the situation. It might also be that Pharaoh was an egotist who never consulted others or listened to advice.

    There are many leaders in our own day who are like that. Judaism, however, laughs at such stupidity. It has a high regard for consulting others and hearing their advice.

    This was even done by God at the time of Creation. The Midrash Bereshit Rabbah says that God asked the angels whether He should create Man. Some said that man was bound to be a bitter disappointment, others that he would bring credit to his Maker because of his sense of concern and compassion.

    God decided in the end to heed the words of those who encouraged Him to make man.

    One can only hope that He never regretted His decision.

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