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    Getting the Hebrew right

    konicaIdiomatic language often takes no account of grammar.

    An example is the Four Species on Sukkot, colloquially called Arba Minim even though correct grammar would require Arba’ah Minim.

    Another example is Arba Kanfot (the fringed garment of four corners). Technically it should be Arba K’nafot (in Anglo-Jewish slang it used to be called Tzitzakanfos, a confused melee of several Biblical words).

    Plurals are often mixed up, e.g. (in Ashkenazi Hebrew), Shabbosim for Shabbatot and Talleisim for Tallitot or Taliot.

    Masculine and feminine are mixed up when referring to a deceased female as Alav HaShalom, “On him be peace” (in Ashkenazi Hebrew, Olov HaSholom) when it should be Aleha HaShalom or Oleho HaSholom.

    And of course there is the renaming of every deceased person as Oliver (from the Ashkenazi phrase Olov HaSholom).

    Many English speakers cannot say a ch (as in Loch) so the burial society (Chevra Kadisha) becomes Shevra Kadisha and Chanukah becomes Konica like the camera…

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