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    Rabbis remaining in the Diaspora – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Why do some rabbis prefer living in the Diaspora to Israel?

    globeA. They know that the Talmud says that if you live outside Israel it seems that you have no God (Ket. 110b). Tosafot to that passage says that some people are reluctant to make Aliyah because it is hard to keep the commandments that only apply in the Land.

    Some say that Maimonides deliberately omitted settling in Israel from his list of commandments, and a number of authorities say that unless you are sure of a livelihood in Israel you might be better off in the Diaspora (this view is quoted by Rabbi Jakobovits in one of his books).

    Most Diaspora rabbis would probably claim that they are needed in Diaspora countries in the interests of Judaism, but as soon as possible they will put Aliyah on their agendas.

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