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    The God who walks – B’chukkotai

    walk stepB’chukkotai begins by saying, “If you walk in My statutes”.

    This is one of the sources of the word halachah, “walking”, which is the name for Jewish law.

    The normal sense in which we use the word sees us human beings as the ones who do the walking, going along life’s path according to the Divine commands.

    Rashi suggests that there is another kind of walking, this time by God. In the story of the Garden of Eden the Torah says that God “walked” amongst the trees (Gen. 3:8-9). No corner of Eden was devoid of His presence.

    In our sidra, God tells Israel, “I shall walk in your midst: I shall be your God and you shall be My people” (Lev. 26:12).

    Rashi comments that God wished Israel to know that He was with them every step of the way. Not only were they not to be scared of Him but, we might add, because of His presence they should not fear what life might bring.

    No-one can be certain of what lies around the corner. But instead of abdicating and withdrawing from the world out of apprehension that something unpleasant may be ahead, we ought to stride boldly forward with courage and confidence.

    As Adon Olam says, HaShem li v’lo iy’ra – “God is with me, and I shall not fear”.

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