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    Back to Europe

    european union flagWorld attention has reverted to Europe, not just because of the migrant crisis and terrorism, but because resurgent antisemitism is gravely threatening Europe’s Jews.

    The European Union makes nice noises about inhumanity being a menace but still criticises Israel and by extension the Jewish people.

    But fair’s fair, and since the EU are so negative towards us they are bound by logic, decency and conscience to balance it with something positive. I suggest they endorse Phyllis Bottome’s words in “The Moral Storm”, 1938:

    “To be a Jew is to belong to an old race that has enriched every country it has lived in. It is to be strong with a strength that has outlived persecutions. It is to be wise against ignorance, honest against piracy, harmless against evil, industrious against idleness, kind against cruelty!

    “It is to belong to a race that has given Europe its religion; its moral law; and much of its science – perhaps even more of its genius – in art, literature and music.

    “I do not say that there are no bad Jews – usurers, cowards, corrupt and unjust persons – but such people are also to be found among Christians. I only say to you this is to be a good Jew.”

    Without those Jews and their contribution to civilisation, Europe would revert to primitiveness and decay. Without what the Jews have pioneered and developed, Europe would have to close down its schools, universities, hospitals, laboratories, libraries and opera houses. Its commerce and media too. And its technology and modernity.

    Europeans won’t stop being antisemites overnight. Nor become philosemites. What’s the difference? Someone said that a philosemite is an antisemite who loves Jews.

    The question is not emotional, whether they hate Jews or love them. It is pragmatic: is Europe better off being Judenrein?

    In its own interests, Europe really should say it’s better to be fair to the remarkably creative contribution that Jews have made and make.

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