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    Priest & prophet – M’tzora

    kohenParashat M’tzora speaks (Lev. 14:2-3) about a patient being brought to the kohen.

    The drawback is that the kohen stayed in the sanctuary. He did not go out and about. If people came to him, he saw to their needs. If they did not come, he couldn’t do much.

    How different was the prophet. He was not limited to any one place. People didn’t always come to him. He went out, found people where they were, and brought them the word of God.

    The modern Jew wonders where the rabbi fits in. Does one have to go to him, or will the rabbi go around his community and find people and their problems?

    If the answer is the second, it’s not easy to be a rabbinic circuit-rider, with what it does to his stamina, nerves and family life. But otherwise he will never fulfil his whole mission.

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