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    One for all, all for one – P’kudei

    musketeers“One for all, all for one” – this slogan is the motto of the Three Musketeers.

    It could have originated in the Torah reading, “And they made the curtains (of the tabernacle)… he made them” (Ex. 36:8).

    Who made the curtains? “They” or “he”? Was it a group or an individual activity?

    As often happens when there are two options, the answer is “Both!”

    The work was done by the assembled community as a whole, but they all felt it was their personal achievement.

    Each one had a part to play. Each one felt that he was the crucial contributor to the task. Without him the project would simply not have happened.

    As an analogy, think of the screws which hold a chandelier in place. What supports the chandelier is all the screws, yet each individual screw could well be the crucial one without which the whole light fitting would come crashing down.

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