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    The Aaron method – Ki Tetzei

    18th century Dutch oak statue of Aaron, the High Priest

    18th century Dutch oak statue of Aaron, the High Priest

    The word “war” figures prominently in this sidra.

    The nature of war has changed radically over the centuries. Today’s wars are fought on many levels, not merely with physical weapons. This is not to advocate a return to the days of physical weapons. Those days were full of horror.

    Today’s wars are also horrible and horrific, but more insidious. As far as the Middle East is concerned, there are many types of war all being fought at one and the same time.

    The simplistic people who are safe in other countries fantasise that all the wars have one source – Israel. They imagine that if Israel gives up even more of its already tiny territory there will be peace in the world.

    They issue reports, pass resolutions, send delegates out on international missions, all in order to persuade Israel to lie down and die.

    Strangely, no-one has thought of trying the Aaron method that was known from Biblical times, patiently, positively, respectfully attaining little victories on what today we call the grass-roots level.

    Aaron’s methods were to help people to explore ways of harmony.

    In today’s circumstances, it is a much more complicated task than ever before. But it might just work, if there were less talk about territory and more about economic co-operation, less talk about rights and more about duties.

    For decades the nations have been concerned with whether oil will flow. The method of Aaron addresses itself to whether milk and honey will flow.

    Achieve that, and blessings will flow too.

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