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    What I do after Pesach

    i love passover pesachAll that effort, and every year people say they can’t handle it again.

    Cleaning the house, shopping for the things that Pesach requires, changing over the dishes, cooking, serving, clearing up, and finally putting the Pesach stuff away and getting back to normal routine. No wonder some people insist that they have to go away for the whole festival – easier said than done in some places.

    There are people from the Diaspora who insisted, “We’re not going on Aliyah unless you promise that we will go to a hotel every Pesach!”

    No-one, as far as I am aware, ever says, “We’re never going to keep Pesach again”; the festival gets hold of you.

    The important thing is that after Pesach you look back at the memories and enjoy the thought that this year for the first time this child said Mah Nishtanah for the first time, this year another child was able to stay up to the end of the Seder, this year someone who never seemed interested in Judaism made the effort to come to Seder and really enjoyed it, this year there was a story, a song, a paragraph, a concept that got you thinking. You keep humming the songs for weeks.

    There’s no doubt: you’ll do it all again next year.

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