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    Hard to be a shopkeeper – K’doshim

    scale justicA shochet once came to Rabbi Yisrael Salanter and said, “I want to change my job. It’s too hard to be a shochet – too great a responsibility.

    “Imagine, if I do something wrong the community will be eating t’refah!”

    Rabbi Salanter asked, “So what job are you planning to move to?”

    “I think I’ll open a shop,” came the answer.

    “Not a good idea at all,” replied Rabbi Salanter.

    “You’re worried about the responsibility of being a shochet? It’s even harder to be a shopkeeper!

    “Parashat K’doshim is full of commandments for shopkeepers – ‘Do not steal’, ‘Do not defraud’, ‘Do not deal falsely’, ‘Do not exploit others’, ‘Do not have false weights and measures’… running a business is so demanding, and God expects so much of you!”

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