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    Holding up the heavens – Mikketz

    handsThere are a lot of dreams in the Book of B’reshit.

    Jacob dreams, Joseph dreams; Pharaoh dreams. Dreams are a way to unite the earth and heavens.

    Human beings through their dreams implement the Mission Impossible. The boundaries that limit us to the earth are no longer a barrier. Heaven strengthens the earth; the earth strengthens the heavens.

    The dreams have cosmic significance. The Kotzker Rebbe said that man was created to hold up the heavens.

    Whatever the Rebbe himself meant, we can use his words to suggest that what happens with us on earth can make a difference on high.

    This is not necessarily a question of what we dream about in bed, over which we probably have little rational control… even though the sages say in the Midrash, ”We see in our dreams that which is suggested by our thoughts”.

    But if we have the right ambitions, choose the right decisions, and live the right sort of life, Heaven says “Thank you!”

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