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    For God’s sake – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. In Zochrenu LaChayyim, why do we ask God, “Remember us for life… for Your sake”?

    Zochreinu lechayim rosh hashanahA. One might have thought the prayer should ask God to answer us for our sake more than for His.

    What does He have to gain after all from the prayers which human beings offer?

    The Chafetz Chayyim gives two answers. One compares us to a customer who tells his supplier, “I am buying for your sake as well as mine, because without customers you cannot continue in business”.

    In this sense God is like a king who cannot be called a ruler unless he has subjects.

    The second answer given by the Chafetz Chayyim is, “‘For Your sake’: so that we may be enabled to serve You properly.”

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