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    Fathers & sons

    The four sons all have to be handled according to their own capacity.

    The four sons, from the Prague Haggadah. 1536

    The four sons, from the Prague Haggadah. 1536

    Over the centuries the Jewish ideal has been to have a child who will reach the top rank and be a wise son. Parents with a child like this think themselves blessed by God.

    In marrying off a son, the parents always sought a wife who would support her wise husband. In marrying off a daughter they dreamt of a bridegroom who was a talmid chacham in his own right.

    These days when so many women learn Torah, the ultimate blessing is for a wise son to marry a wise daughter.

    The Chassidic rabbi known as “The Yud” added, “Every father strives to help his son to become a learned man and pious Jew. When the son grows up, he in turn tries to make his own son become a good Jew.

    “Will the time come when the father himself will strive to be a good Jew and not leave the task to his son?”

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