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    It just can’t happen!

    10 ten commandments luchot tablets da lifneiThe Ten Plagues. The Ten Commandments. Both are miraculous.

    The miracle of the plagues was brought about by God. The miracle of the commandments will be brought about by man.

    If anyone had been told that water would turn into blood, that all the firstborn would die, they would have said, “Impossible! Things like that just don’t happen!”

    But they did happen, and that was the miracle that released the Israelites from bondage.

    Think about the Ten Commandments. No murder, no stealing, no twisting of the truth… Ask anyone if such things are possible and they will tell you, “Not a chance! Such things will never happen!”

    But they can, and they will – if human beings want them enough.

    The Midrash in P’sikta d’Rav Kahana says that when the Torah informs us that the Israelites did not pass through derech eretz P’lishtim, “the way of the land of the Philistines” (Ex. 13:17), there is another way of translating derech eretz… not as “the trans-Philistine highway” but “the way of the land, the way things usually happen”.

    If people can think out of the box and change the tired old sinful way that human society works, the Ten Commandments can come true and the world will be redeemed.

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