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    What we should do on Fridays

    fridayOnly one fast can fall on Friday, the fast of 10 Tevet.

    We’ve previously explained why 10 Tevet can fall on a Friday (as it does this year), but this article looks at the broader question – what should a Jew (apart from 10 Tevet) be doing on Fridays?

    Most people would say, “Getting ready for Shabbat”.

    They’re right. Without proper preparation there can hardly be a Shabbat, just as every other great day has its lead-up.

    But there is an argument in favour of giving Friday an additional quality as a day important in itself.

    Before my father got out of bed in the morning, he made a list of what he had to do that day. It gave his day a structure even though he didn’t always achieve everything he had planned.

    Using this analogy, let’s think about the days of the week.

    Everyone should start a week with an agenda. By Thursday night they may still have things undone or unfinished, and that’s where Friday comes in – a day to round off the week and complete its tasks. Not only in temporal terms, but spiritually.

    Were there rungs of the spiritual ladder which you wanted to climb this week, mitzvot you hoped to do? Use Friday, and use it well.

    Shabbat Shalom!

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