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    Man comes of age – Lech L’cha

    Lech LechaThe opening words, “Go away from your land, your birthplace and your father’s house” (Gen. 12:1), announce a new era.

    It is a new stage in the identity of the family and where they live.

    But it is more. It is a new stage in the development of man’s heart and mind: how man sees himself and relates to God.

    Until now man has just begun. Now he flexes his muscles. As Erich Fromm puts it, he comes of age. He thinks for himself. He questions God. He ponders whether he can break away from God and take an uncharted path on his own.

    God tests him and tells him to do the impossible. He weighs it up. He argues with God. But instinct tells him he has no choice: he has to go along with the command.

    He has no choice? Really he does. He wants to be independent, but he is not sure he can handle independence.

    He decides to obey, but it is out of free choice. He obeys, not as a puppet but because he is a free mind and has come of age.

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