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    The ass spoke for him – Balak

    Rembrandt's "Balaam's ass", 1626

    Bilam’s donkey opened its mouth and spoke (Num. 22:28). If a donkey can speak, so can any animal.

    The Jewish belief is that everything in Creation has the power of speech. Even the stones, even the hills – everything. That is, when it comes to praise of God.

    No part of the universe lacks the capacity of acclaiming the Creator. Some do not have words, but they can still express themselves.

    Says the Psalmist, “The heavens tell the glory of God; the firmament acclaims the work of His hands”(Psalm 19).

    In what way do those things that have no tongue or words praise God? By their very existence. Nothing got there by chance. It’s a wonderful world because there is a wonderful Creator.

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