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    Lessons from the burning bush – Sh’mot

    Moses and the burning bush (from the Holman Bible, 1890)

    Sh’mot chapter 3 is one of the most memorable sections of the Bible. Moses saw a burning bush and God spoke to him out of its midst.

    The crucial feature is that “the bush burnt, but the bush was not consumed” (verse 2).

    Here are some ideas that the event suggests:
    • The people of Israel may suffer but they will survive.

    • God is with Israel even (or especially) in times of persecution.

    • God chooses lowly things and humble people as His agents.

    • There is no place devoid of the Divine Presence.

    • Small things like a bush in the wilderness can carry a great message.

    • Moses had defects like a stutter but he would be a successful leader.

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