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    The shopping list – God’s reply

    It’s a really busy time for God and the Heavenly Court, so He has asked me to reply to the message you sent Him last week just before Rosh HaShanah.

    God says He has decided to be big-hearted and not take offence at the tone of your letter.

    He assures you that your requests can be met but only if you help Him.

    The easy part is what you say about the world’s problems.

    God worked out the solution long ago – He made the world big enough for mankind but said that when there’s a good spirit no-one needs vast space in order to hide from their neighbours.

    The secret is to listen to and try to trust each other, and not constantly look for someone to blame. That’s the miracle you need, and it can come from human beings.

    God says He can’t get directly involved in the economy but He gave His creatures enough brains and ethical conscience to find smart and just solutions.

    It’s fair enough to ask for life and health but a lot depends on lifestyle and not taking risks with your person.

    Actually times spent on prayer and ritual reinforce life expectancy, but He knows you are a bit reluctant to become too religious.

    He loves Israel like you do. He too worries about the rabbis but would like ordinary Israelis to show more prophetic vision. He would also like Israelis to learn some more politesse.

    He has more or less given up on the United Nations with their lawfare and terrorism – but He’s grateful for America. Never mind S&P – in His mind the US still has a high moral credit rating.

    He thanks you for wishing Him Shanah Tovah. He hopes you’ll help Him to make it a really good year.

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