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    Coming, ready or not…

    shofar rosh hashanah pray daven synagogueThis is Rosh HaShanah speaking. Remember me?

    I stayed with you last year. I enjoyed my visit, but I think I may have caused you some embarrassment.

    You did not seem to be quite ready. I did not really understand why since I let you know in advance when I was coming.

    This is why I am sending this message today, to remind you that I will be there next week.

    I would not want you not to have time to prepare for my arrival.

    No, you do not need to worry about the spare room or extra food. I am not that kind of guest.

    What I am is a presence – and an opportunity.

    My presence brings awe, spirituality, inspiration; please prepare for me by sitting quietly by yourself, or walking somewhere quiet, and thinking about life, yourself, the past, the future.

    I am also an opportunity – to identify your destination and plan your direction.

    Please – don’t wait till I’m there. Be ready for me, and have a Shanah Tovah!

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