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    Rebuilding the Temple

    Model of the Second Temple

    The months of Tammuz and Av direct our attention to the destruction of the Temple.

    It is axiomatic that the Bible is true, that Solomon built a Temple, there was a Second Temple which underwent some changes, the sanctuary was finally destroyed by the Romans, part of the western wall is still there, and one day the edifice will be rebuilt.

    When will it be rebuilt?

    According to Rashi, the clue comes in the verse (Ex. 15:17-18), “The sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands set up: The Lord will reign for ever and ever” (Ex. 15:17-18).

    Rashi says that God’s hands will rebuild the sanctuary when the time comes that He reigns for ever and ever, i.e. when the Divine kingdom is established on earth.

    It will be the spiritual centre of all mankind. As Isaiah (2:2-3) and Micah (4:1-4) prophesy, all the nations will flock to it.

    Solomon specifies in his dedicatory prayer for the first Temple, “The foreigner who does not belong to the people of Israel” will come there to pray, and God will hear his prayer (I Kings 8:41-45).

    When that time comes the current occupiers will no longer have control over the site but will have the same opportunities as all religions to offer their prayers there.

    In the meantime it would help if the world acknowledged the historical importance of the sanctuary for Jews (and indeed for Christians who lack freedom to pray there).

    May the time soon come when God will be king over all the world and mankind will have a temple of peace in the city of peace.

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