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    God’s servants – B’har

    Human beings all have their dignity and others must not enslave them. All are God’s servants; none is any more a child of God than any other.

    This is one of the teachings of this week’s portion (Lev. 25:42).

    It allows no superiority to the white races over the coloured, to the managerial classes over the workers, to the rich over the poor, to the aristocracy over the commoners.

    The lands in which upheavals are currently occurring are witnessing the playing out of this issue. Peoples kept in subjugation for years, even decades, are rising up.

    Some despotic rulers, hanging on to power to the end, are turning upon their own citizens with the message, “Don’t talk to me about God. Who is God? I am God! That’s all you need to know.”

    Democratic nations greatly deplore these manifestations, but many people forget that their own microcosms echo the same problem… husbands who demand obedience because they think they are the God of the family, bosses who throw their weight around in the workplace, even clergy who abuse others who are in their spiritual power.

    God’s message is clear: “They are My servants, not the servants of other servants”.

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