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    The year is almost over – D’varim

    Starting the Book of D’varim this Shabbat reminds us that the Jewish year is almost over.

    We began B’reshit on Simchat Torah and now we have completed four of the five books of the Chumash and have embarked on the fifth. Before we know it, Rosh HaShanah will have arrived.

    From the mathematical point of view, it takes a whole twelve months to get from one Rosh HaShanah to the next, but in reality the older you get the shorter the years seem to be. Time, in Yehudah HaLevi’s words, is the deceiver of all mankind. A year seems to take twelve months but they fly fast. The message is to use every day while you still can.

    The only Latin some people remember from their schooldays is “tempus fugit” (time flies) – and “carpe diem” (seize the day). Seizing the day means finding a mitzvah to do today and doing it without prevaricating or postponement. The mitzvah may be for other people. It may also be for yourself.

    Finish the jobs you always meant to do. Read the books you always planned to read. Tell your dear ones that you love them. If you don’t do it now the opportunity may never be there again.

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