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    Not angels – Va’era

    “She gave birth to Aaron and Moses” (Ex. 6:20). Aaron and Moses were born in the same way as every human being.

    They began as ordinary humans, they lived as humans, they died as humans. They weren’t angels; they were not sent from Heaven other than in a metaphorical sense.

    They achieved great things, but no-one crowned them with divinity. On the contrary, both were given a hard time by their own people, especially Moses.

    This whole discussion suggests one of the great differences between Judaism and Christianity. For Judaism, God remains God and human beings remain human beings.

    Our most saintly figures have their human failings. We do not and cannot turn our respect and reverence for them into an act of worship. God gives them the chance to make the world a better place.

    If they succeed we – and God – feel proud; if they fail we – and God – weep for them.

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