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    Economic downturn – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Any thoughts from a Jewish perspective on what to do in this time of global economic downturn?

    A. Three things: get good advice; forget about luxuries; trust in God.

    The good advice which you are likely to receive is not to panic or do anything rash.

    Forgetting about luxuries means conserving what you have and not splurging on things you don’t need.

    Trusting in God doesn’t simply mean praying, though that is certainly a good thing to do, but recognising that He made us with a fair degree of resilience.

    Don’t try to be a Biblical or any other kind of prophet and foretell exactly when the recovery will take place. Be grateful that most societies have safety nets to keep us going in times of difficulty.

    Whilst things are in crash mode, spend more time on cultural and religious pursuits – including those which are free, such as nature and the fresh air, for which people usually have no time.

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