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    Waging war on an enemy – Ki Tetzei

    warfare2The sidra begins, “When you go out to war on your enemies, and God delivers him into your hands…” (Deut. 21:10).

    What does the verse mean when it speaks of waging war “on” and not “against” the enemy?

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe answers this and a second question, why does the verse begin with “enemies” in the plural and conclude in the singular with “him”?

    The Rebbe writes, “Wage war not against, not with, but on your enemies.

    “Instead of fighting them on their own terms, rise above them.

    “Instead of accepting their givens and living by their rules, assume the high ground, and your many enemies will shrivel to one.

    “Hold fast to your chosen course without regard to the many distortions that obscure the one eternal truth.

    “When you wage war on your enemies, God will deliver him into your hands.”

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