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    What to think of on Tu B’Av

    summer beach heat sun15 Av was a mid-summer festival in ancient Israel.

    It might be an idea to think of a similar thing these days. By the middle of the summer we know whether we have wasted the warm weather and the sunshine. We could and should spend much of the summer in the open air, enjoying the blessings the Creator has given us.

    True, there are places where the heat becomes excruciating and it is best to keep outdoor activity to the early morning or late afternoon and evening. There are also places where there are summer storms and you can get drenched.

    All these factors need to be taken into account but they still leave us with enough opportunity of enjoying the trees and flowers, the air and the sea – and of saying a blessing to God for the gifts He has given us.

    It is also a time to be with family and friends and to acknowledge that the sunshine in our lives is so often because of the people we know and love.

    Think of all this on 15 Av!

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