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    How can Pinchas be Elijah? – Pinchas

    Rabbinic tradition tells us that Pinchas and Elijah are one and the same (Bava M’tzi’a 114b, etc.).

    What a strange assertion when we think of how many centuries separate the two figures.

    The common denominator is that both are filled with a fiery passion for the sake of God. Both are indignant at the existence of evil, and are affronted when they see how easily their contemporaries are prepared to forsake the Almighty.

    Both resort to dramatic means to demonstrate the falsity and futility of other gods. Both are ready to risk their rank, status and destiny for the sake of their ideals. Both are believers in peace, but not peace at any price.

    Hundreds of years lie between them, but they are joined by a common cord.

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