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    Chanukah is for everyone

    Chanukah is of course a Jewish occasion, marking regained religious freedom in Israel over 21 centuries ago. But because freedom is a universal right, Chanukah has a message for everyone. It says: Never lose heart. If you give up, your cause is lost.

    Chanukah is a celebration of heroism. It says: The highest heroism is when we bring light, not darkness.

    Chanukah is a celebration for old and young, but it specially lights up children’s eyes. It says: Give a child a chance, every child, even if you disagree with its parents.

    Chanukah is colourful and exciting, but it has its serious side. It says: Celebrate with your heart, but with your mind too.

    Chanukah is a festival of dedication. It says: Dedicate yourself to the right ideals – democracy, decency, dignity, dialogue.

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