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    On the Mountain – B’har

    The name B’har (“On the Mountain”) reminds us that much of Biblical history happened on mountains.

    The Psalmist says, “I raise my eyes to the mountains from whence my help comes” (Psalm 121:1).

    Perhaps the words should be read, as Samson Raphael Hirsch suggests, “Shall I lift up my eyes to the hills (to see) from where my help will come?”

    If people think that the mountains will provide the help and support they need, it is because mountains are big, strong, solid and long-lasting.

    Another scenario is that it is upon the mountains that ancient idolaters often set up their gods; looking up to the mountains implied seeking the aid of the mountain-top deities.

    But verse 2 is adamant: “My help is from the Lord who makes heaven and earth”.

    As Hirsch puts it, however impressive the mountains are, however enamoured people are of the gods that reside there, “there is One Who is higher still and surer, and it is to Him that I look for help”.

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