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    Brought to the priest – M’tzora

    Someone who has leprosy is brought to the kohen (Lev. 14:3). Metaphorically the word leper, m’tzora, is understood as motzi ra, one who utters evil talk, and bringing them to the kohen may link up with the passage in Malachi, “The law of truth was in his mouth… for the kohen’s lips shall keep knowledge, and people shall seek the law at his mouth” (Mal. 2:6-7).

    The kohen is not a mere Temple functionary but a spiritual leader, teacher and role model. If evil talk has been heard in the community, something has gone wrong. Either the motzi ra has not listened to the kohen’s teaching, or the kohen has been negligent in carrying out his duties.

    In both cases the motzi ra and the kohen must now connect in order that the cause of truth and respect for others can be reconfirmed.

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