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    The ones who can’t give – T’rumah

    terumahThe rules of T’rumah are set out in a whole Mishnaic tractate.

    Not only does the Mishnah specify who may and should give T’rumah (heave-offering) but who is excluded from the mitzvah.

    “Five categories”, says the Mishnah, “do not give T’rumah – the deaf mute, the idiot, the minor, the person who gives from that which is not his, and the gentile”.

    Giving T’rumah therefore requires you to be able to hear, to be sane and adult, to give from your own property, and to be Jewish.

    The same five qualifications may be applied to giving where giving is necessary in today’s Jewish society.

    One must be able to hear: ears that are open heed the cry of those who need support and assistance.

    One must be sane: if you are thinking straight you will know that only if we all pull our weight can the future be assured.

    One must be adult: children do not always make responsible decisions, but adults must.

    You must give of that which is yours: whatever we have comes on trust from the Almighty, and part of His requirements is to think of others as well as yourself.

    One must be Jewish: only the Jewish people fully understands how Israel is Jewish destiny in the making; only the Jewish people completely appreciates how precious Judaism is and how urgent it is to ensure it will live and thrive.

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