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    A boy from the country – Yitro

    A little boy from a village came to stay with his grandparents in the city.

    Early in the morning he looked out of his window and saw traffic lights, a wonder to his country eyes.

    Not knowing such things, he did not associate them with traffic control.

    He ran to tell his grandfather about the lights that went from red to amber to green and then did it all over again.

    “The red tells drivers to stop, the amber to get ready and the green to go,” explained grandfather.

    “But I’ve been looking out of the window for half an hour,” said the little boy, “and there haven’t been any cars. Why do the lights keep changing when no-one’s taking any notice?”

    “Ah!” replied grandfather, “they have to be there because we never know when they will be needed!”

    That’s why we have not only Ten Commandments but 613. They have to be there for when they are needed.

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