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    Twice 127 – Chayyei Sarah

    The beginning of Parashat Chayyei Sarah gives us a number – 127, the years of Sarah’s life – which is paralleled by another 127 – the provinces of Persia – at the beginning of the Book of Esther.

    Maybe it is pure co-incidence but maybe not. A human life is like a kingdom with every part of the person a province.

    Judah HaLevi makes this point in his Kuzari when he speaks of the human as the ruler of a realm, co-ordinating his bodily parts, functions and experiences like a good ruler who co-ordinates the many segments of his kingdom and people.

    A kingdom needs good government to ensure that the citizens feel part of each other and can work together towards common goals. If there is internal friction the nation can disintegrate.

    Likewise with the human body. Every faculty and limb, physical or psychological, must work in harmony.

    The number of 127 need not be taken literally, but there is a possible g’matria in twice 127, i.e. 254, of which the numerical value is neder, a vow.

    The rational human being who consciously decides to take charge of his or her life will make a personal promise to control and co-ordinate every part of their person.

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