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    Who crowned God as King? – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. After creating the world God is said to have been crowned as king on Rosh HaShanah. Who crowned Him and why did He want to be king?

    A. The Lubavitcher Rebbe pointed out that a real king is one whose subjects choose him as their ruler, so until God had a world there was no power-base for His sovereignty.

    Adon Olam says: “He reigned before any creature was made”; it adds, “But after everything was completed, then was His name acclaimed as King”.

    Why should God be so eager to be a king? The answer is not Divine egotism but that He lovingly decided to benefit His future creatures by giving them life and the opportunity of enjoying and enhancing the world.

    When, then, man came into being, his first feeling was awareness that he was alive and had been given a wonderful garden to inhabit.

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