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    Rosh Chodesh Av

    AvThe month of Av, otherwise known as M’nachem Av (“Av the Comforter”) because it is said to mark the birthday of Mashi’ach, opens with the Yahrzeit of Aaron the high priest.

    Moses’ Yahrzeit is 7 Adar, which is observed by members of a Chevra Kadisha by a fast to atone for any unwitting acts of disrespect for the dead, followed by a meal which cements the fellowship of those who carry out the pious task of providing dignified burial to the deceased.

    Aaron’s Yahrzeit is little known and less observed. One could imagine turning it into a Peace Commemoration, since Aaron was renowned as a peacemaker amongst his people.

    Only a little imagination and enterprise, and it could have a name, Yom Shalom, and a program, the promotion of peace in the family, the community and the world.

    Will someone please take up the idea?

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