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    Freemasonry – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. Is freemasonry compatible with religion?

    A. Definitely. Freemasonry is not and does not claim to be a rival religion. People of many religions are among its leaders and members and a number of rabbis have held high office in the movement.

    Roman Catholics were for many years urged not to be freemasons but this attitude has now changed. None of the clergy who are freemasons complains that the movement is incompatible with religious conscience.

    The reason there is no problem is that whilst a freemason must have a belief in a Supreme Being, the movement itself has no theological tenets or sectarian interpretations. Biblical characters (e.g. King Solomon), events, quotations and ethical allegories are part of freemasonry’s procedures, but it draws no theological conclusions from them.

    For a Jew the movement has a special interest because here and there it uses Hebrew words (mostly mispronounced) and midrashic narratives (often altered or misquoted).

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