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    Praying with the whole being – Balak

    Bilam is described (Num. 24:3, etc.) as “the man whose eye is true” (JPSA translation). He saw, therefore he spoke. His eye and tongue were co-ordinated.

    There is an interesting question which arises. When one prays, which parts of the person are involved? Heart and mind, yes; mouth, inevitably. In Jewish tradition the whole body sways with the rhythm of prayer.

    Milton Steinberg goes even further. He writes, “Prayer is the bridge between man and God. With the intellect one figures out that God is and also something of what He must be. In intuition one experiences Him. In revelation one receives testimony concerning Him. In the good life one charts a course by his light. In ritual one celebrates Him. Only in prayer does one establish a soul to soul interchange with Him.”

    With what part of the body does one pray? Primarily with the soul. Prayer is a need and expression of the spiritual dimension of one’s being.

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