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    Behaving like Nadav & Avihu – Sh’mini

    The terrible fate of Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aaron who brought “strange fire” onto the altar, reverberates across the ages. They totally ruined a great day for their father and for Israel, apart from the immense personal suffering and grief they caused.

    Commentators vie with each other in an attempt to explain the nature of their strange fire. All agree that the culprits had no respect for their office and compromised their God-given sanctity.

    People still behave like Nadav and Avihu. Consider the doctor who is interested in the medical problem and not in the patient as a person. The teacher who worries about the subject matter of the lesson and not about the life of the pupil. The lawyer who has an eye on the fees more than on the client. The minister who prefers to speak rather than to listen.

    It’s a human weakness which neither brings credit to the particular profession nor benefit to society.

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