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    Science & religion – B’reshit

    B’reshit arouses intense debate.

    Its critics ask, how can anyone believe it all happened that way when the view of science seems so different?

    Yet it is a 19th-century notion that science has weighed religion and found it wanting.

    21st-century science is more modest, less certain that it has brought religion to its knees. Now the opposite is happening; it is now religion that is judging amoral science, and so many evil geniuses with scientific knowledge stand condemned by the ethics of religion.

    The future of civilisation requires that science and religion not be enemies but friends. Each needs the corrective of the other.

    Religion should not make scientific judgements (in the pastoral situation, for example, clergy should not think they know better than the doctors), but neither should anyone imagine that scientific progress can ignore the broader moral implications.

    Further: science should willingly reinforce the belief in a wise Creator whose universe is so vast and intricate, and religion should willingly endorse the greatness of science that shows the scope of the human mind.

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